eChart / EPIC Issues

The eChart team uses the EOL to provide training.  If you are requesting specific training related to eChart do not leave a request for the EOL to assign the training.  We don't know what you need and you will experience a delay in getting the eChart training.  To request training please email with your request.

If you are experiencing and issue with a module please make sure you do the following before placing a ticket.  95% of the requests the EOL receives are for modules that don't complete.  We have found the problem is in one of these three areas:

  1. You didn't pass a required test with the appropriate score, usually an 80% or higher.
  2. As you are going through the course make sure that you follow the instructions.  Click on the appropriate spots and complete the activities in full.  If you don't do the activities in the module it will not mark as completed and we will tell you to go back and redo the module potentially taking you from 4-20 minutes.
  3. Do not skip ahead to any of the videos as you will be skipping activities and have to repeat the module.

If you have not done the 3 above items then fill out a ticket below and we will attempt to diagnosis the issue and determine if there is a problem.  NOTE: Please use Google Chrome.  Internet Explorer will not work at this time.

If you are using Internet Explorer please click on this link: