RQI Troubleshooting for BLS, ALS (ACLS) or PALs

RQI is a unique system that has a specific process.  There are several categories that may require assistance.  The form at the bottom of the page will help direct you to the information you need to assist you with any RQI issues that you may face.

New Associate RQI

If you are a new associate, you should have received instructions on where to send your RQI ecard link or photo of the card.  This should have occured before starting orientation.  You will receive an email from Kathy Emmerson (Katherine.Emmerson@erlanger.org) to set up your RQI onboarding.  Please ensure you provide the information she requests in a timely manner.  If you have any questions regarding RQI, please contact Kathy directly.

Employee's changing job function that requires RQI.

If you are an existing Erlanger employee who has not been entered into the system.  You can go to the following course and fill out the information.  This is only for existing Erlanger employees.  If you are a new associate do not enroll in this course.  Click here for the Pre-RQI Course.  There is more information on the course page that should orientate you to the new course.

All other RQI Issues

Please fill out the form below for any issue that doesn't match the above items.  NOTE: Please use Google Chrome.  Internet Explorer will not work at this time.